Drugs runner that believed that he was only smuggling anabolic steroids pleads for leniency

A drugs runner has been caught with anabolic steroids and other drugs after officers because suspicious of his driving.

Twenty nine year old Sameer Juneja, an unemployed man who had recently suffered a streak of bad luck decided to sign up as a drug smuggler as a way to get his hands on some much-needed extra money. All that was required of him was to smuggle a shipment of anabolic steroids from Scotland to England, which should have been easy, or so he had thought. He claims that he had been offered payment to the sum of £500 if he could take a box of anabolic steroids to Petershead in Scotland from Crewe in England. He claims that he had been asked to carry the anabolic steroids in his car as he made the 450 mile journey that came to an abrupt end after he crossed the England – Scotland border, which does not have any border control or immigration as the two countries are united.

He states that he had collected The Shoe Box which contained the drugs and Peters had on the 30th of May 2017. However, he did not get far after please noticed him driving a car that aroused suspicion as the number plate was in fact registered to a residential address in Scotland. After their suspicions had been aroused, the police decided to pull come over and questioned him about what he was doing in the area. He decided to tell place that he had been visiting a friend, but was unwilling or unable to give them any further details about this friend in Petershead. This only led to the police becoming even more suspicious, and they were before, so they decided to perform a search of his vehicle.

It was during the search that the police discovered the box full of drugs. However, what Juneja had believed to be simply anabolic steroids turned out to be cocaine diamorphine, which is a class A drug, the quantity that was found in the box had an approximate street value of more than £70,000. The case was passed over to these strathkelvin and Glasgow Sheriff from the local police located in Petershead. The defence, Paul Parker Smith, who is representing Juneja in court made attempts to prevent his client from going to prison. He insists that his client did not know that the drugs inside the shoebox were cocaine and that he believed them to be anabolic steroids. He continued by saying that his client knew he was being asked to transport illegal substances, as it is unheard off to be paid £500 to move anabolic steroids.

In the end, Juneja received a sentence of two years and eight months in jail, where Sheriff Buchanan chastising him by saying that those individuals who decide to get themselves involved in this type of criminal activity, even if they are simply acting as a courier, will be dealt with in the strictest fashion. While it is not known the number of drugs that frequently cross the border between the two countries, the area in Scotland that the class A drugs were heading to is notorious for being a drug hotspot. Unfortunately, there are no easy ways to transport anabolic steroids or any other substance is between the countries, especially as the police become increasingly more suspicious. This sentencing was designed to be a warning for anyone who is considering transporting illegal drugs across the country and between the two countries, regardless of whether they are simply driving the drugs from A to B or if they play a more active role in the manufacture and sale of them.

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