Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

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Biomedical Science Graduate. After completing the educational and research requirements for a PhD in Biomedical Science, Dan is currently studying at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has less than a year before joining the Medical Board becoming an MD and qualified Doctor. Dan's educational emphasis is on performance enhancement drugs (PEDs), endocrinology, nutritional supplements and strategies for health, fat reduction, anti-ageing, muscle growth, disease control and vaccinations. Dan has had an interest in learning and writing about steroid use for over 15 years.

Looking to improve your performance as an athlete? Looking for something that will help you to break boundaries you previously thought were insurmountable? You are not alone. For decades, millions of men have used steroids and steroid derivatives to improve their performance. While the FDA cracked down on many of the more dangerous drugs out there, a group of relatively safe performance enhancing drugs remained. Sold by many names and providing long lasting results, getting the right supplement for your needs begins and ends with finding a drug and distributor you can trust. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review Anadrol. Along with explaining exactly what this anabolic steroid is, we will go into further detail about the potential effects of the drug, side effects of the drug, and benefits gained through the Anadrol cycle.

The Basics

Over the course of its use, Anadrol has gone by many different names. For example, athletes have called Anadrol ‘A-bomb’ and ‘A50’ in the past. It has found its most common use among athletes and body builders for the numerous effects it provides that stimulate testosterone supplements. Available through pharmacy production, you can buy Anadrol from a number of different vendors online.


Prior to finding its place as a performance enhancing drug (PED), Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone) was used to help people suffering from anemia. The low levels of iron in the blood were one of many problems that was caused by either a lack of appetite or other disease where keeping weight on might be particularly challenging. Retaining the weight, Anadrol was thought of as a weight gain drug. In addition to increasing the appetite, it also helped in gaining strength as well as the red blood cell count. Like many other drugs, there are side effects if you take too much or are starting off with a compromised or weakened immune system. Things like headaches, liver toxicity, and even a loss of appetite will occur if you overdose on Anadrol.

Effects of Anadrol

As stated above, Anadrol is like any other drug and testosterone supplement in that bad things will happen if you take too much of it. So, why do people end up taking it? Well, to better understand what it does, let’s take a moment to review the molecular bonding that makes Anadrol unique. You see, Anadrol can be considered a DHT-derived compound. By that we mean that it is a 17-alpha alkylated steroid. The 17 comes from the 17th carbon position has been altered to allow the molecule to survive being digested orally. A part of the 17aa group, the majority of steroids out there involve this change to the 17th carbon.

Androlic British Dispensary
Androlic British Dispensary

So what does this do for people? Well, Anadrol has been shown (when taken in correct dosages) to increase the rate of strength gain by twice as much as those who were not taking it. Clinical tests showed that there was far greater lean muscle mass creation with Anadrol than with a placebo. As you can see, Anadrol has the very real ability to help you bulk up through its use. It has been shown to add strength as well as change the composition of the body to be more densely packed with muscles. At the same time, as we have discussed briefly above, Anadrol does have a range of side effects that you should carefully consider.

The effects of Anadrol may vary from person to person, but typically follow the following path. You will notice pretty sizable gains within first 3 weeks of using this oral anabolic steroids. The effects will generally level out after that. To reduce the potential for side effects, consider carefully measuring your dosage out. It is recommended to use about 100mgs a day (with the active ingredient of Oxymetholone.) While dosages of up to 150mgs/day are not that uncommon, adding even more risks side effects that you may not want to consider. If you are interested in gaining weight exclusively, then consider 100 mgs/day. In addition, taking the drug for more than 6 weeks at a time can have longer lasting side effects

The effects of Anadrol will also go away slowly after use. Why bother with this drug if the effects are going to slowly go away? Well, Anadrol is fantastic as a temporary boost to dramatically improve your ability while you are waiting for other enhancement compounds to kick in. It buys you time and allows you to start your work out at 100%, instead of spending weeks or months slowly going into it. You will add significantly more bulk to a bulking cycle thanks to pre-gaming the experience with Anadrol. And, as you only need it for 4-6 weeks towards the beginning of a bulking cycle, you will not have to purchase that many containers to get the desired results. Inexpensive, quick acting, and powerful, it is no wonder athletes and amateurs alike love Anadrol.

Anadrol Side Effects

1. A Bulking Bonus

Anadrol has the side effect of making its pairing with other bulking hormones more effective. The Anadrol compound does a very poor job of binding to the androgen receptor. As a result, there will be a lot of free floating molecules in your system. This is great as it will provide benefits without taking up all the space that other bulking agents could use. While this makes it absolutely fantastic for bulking, it also makes it a terrible choice for cutting.

2. Will Ruin Cutting Cycle

If you are going through a cutting cycle, then you will not want to take Anadrol due to the added water retention and difficulty to control this side effect. As described above, Anadrol is great for bulking, but will eliminate most of the progress you are making in a cutting cycle by adding additional bulk and water retention. That said, it can be used to add muscle fullness when going into a bodybuilding competition when body fat is very low.

3. Minor Quality of Life Side Effects

Anadrol has a reputation for causing some quality of life side effects that can make people miserable. The can include things like headaches, a feeling of being unwell, elevated blood pressure, and bloating. While side effects on the bottle will typically blow the potential for side effects out of proportion for reasons of liability, know that the effects of Anadrol are typically half as severe and last for half as long as what is posted.

4. Estrogen Production Not as Big of a Risk as You Would Think

A major concern among those using enhancement supplements is the risk of estrogen production. Anadrol is derived from DHT and is incapable of converting into estrogen, but can interact with the oestrogen receptor (ER) directly. It is also not considered a progestin or one that could exhibit said qualities. So, the side effects of estrogen production are rare, although not impossible. If you believe that Anadrol may be having estrogen like effects on your body, then discontinue taking it immediately and reconsider where your current health is. It may be that another supplement or steroid will be better for your unique physiology.

liver-damage5. Potential Liver Damage

Too much of a good thing can turn bad fast. Anadrol is no different. As we discussed towards the beginning of this review, Anadrol has been changed on a molecular level to ensure that it can pass through oral consumption and survive to where it needs to get. While this is a major benefit for taking the drug effectively, it also puts a lot of pressure on your liver. There have been several different studies using Anadrol, with a number of liver related side effects reported. The results showed over 20 weeks that Anadrol was toxic to the liver for those with a compromised immune system. In the end, taking it for far less time dramatically reduces the potential for damage to your system while simultaneously preserving the effects of the drug on your body and muscle bulking growth.

If any side effects persist, consider contacting your primary care physician. They can provide a means of testing for potential problems (like liver damage) as well as prescribe a means of recovery that will be the least stressful on your body.

Anadrol Administration & Cycles

Due to the potency and toxicity of Anadrol, it winds up in a unique category that not many other 17aa compounds find themselves in. You will want to cycle the use of Anadrol in your workout. As we stated earlier, you will use an Anadrol cycle to start your workout with strength and power you would not normally have otherwise. You will feel a lot more energy and make far more progress especially early on with Anadrol.

The ‘jump start’ method is used by athletes and body builders the world over. It is a proven way to improve performance with a minimal amount of side effects when taken correctly. In addition, it is a great benefit to those who do not have to worry about weight classes, as Anadrol can add a lot of weight. If you do have to worry about weight classes, then make sure you are in the heaviest category.

Anadrol cycling helps your training in two different ways. First, Anadrol works by itself to provide immediate improvement to power, muscle gain, and strength. With a relatively short lasting period, it helps motivate you through workouts in preparation for later on in your training. Second, Anadrol works fantastic in synergy with other weightlifting supplements. Studies have shown that those in the 50 and 100mg treatment groups reported a lot more free floating free testosterone in their system, which helped to bind and synergize with other anabolic steroids for marked improvements. With how dramatic the improvements can be, it does not come as a shock to those who are familiar with this drug just how effective it can be.

So why does Anadrol function best in a cycle? Well, we previously talked about the toxicity, which is important to understand. In addition, the very nature of the Anadrol compound reduces its effectiveness over time. Unlike other oral steroids that provide you more strength with the more you take, Anadrol is different. It is among a few steroids that act different, curving and then eventually flattening out in its beneficial results over time.

This can be countered to an extent. You can increase the dosage towards the middle and later parts of taking it to increase the positive effects. You can also take a period of time away from the drug, cycling off for a bit to give your body time to recover before getting back to it again. Be aware that the more you take a day, the less results you will get added to through the additional dosage. Like almost all steroids, a higher dosage means more gains, but also increased side effects.

Where Does This Leave Us?

Anadrol has a lot of history behind it. A popular drug for some time, Anadrol has been proven to aid in countless medicinal applications. However, what has kept it around since its inception is its use as a “quick start” testosterone supplement to help set people on the right track for their bulking cycle.

Typically used at 100mg/day for 4 to 6 weeks, the best way to approach Anadrol is to cycle it in and out. Give your body and liver some time after each cycle to recover before starting again. Anadrol works best when paired with other slower acting testosterone and steroids, as its effects will gradually go away with time. Ultimately, you will want to focus on Anadrol as a short-term and necessary solution to making early workouts and training far simpler and more rewarding than they would be otherwise. Best of luck as you continue researching this fascinating compound and deciding on whether or not it is the right steroids for your exercise routine.

Anadrol Chemical Information:

Oxymetholone (AKA Anadrol, Anadrol-50, Adrol)

Chemical Name: 17?-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17-methyl-5?-androstan-3-one

Molecular Weight: 332.48 g/mol

Formula: C21H32O3

Original Manufacturer: Syntex

Half Life: 8 – 9 hours

Detection Time: 2 months

Anabolic Rating: 320

Androgenic Rating: 45

Dan Chaiet Author
Biomedical Science
Biomedical Science Graduate. After completing the educational and research requirements for a PhD in Biomedical Science, Dan is currently studying at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has less than a year before joining the Medical Board becoming an MD and qualified Doctor. Dan’s educational emphasis is on performance enhancement drugs (PEDs), endocrinology, nutritional supplements and strategies for health, fat reduction, anti-ageing, muscle growth, disease control and vaccinations. Dan has had an interest in learning and writing about steroid use for over 15 years.