Trenbolone (Trenbolone Acetate)

There are countless products currently in the marketplace that come across as miracle supplements from all the positive reviews they give themselves. Building upon promises, more often than not these drugs will fall far short of the market. One of the few places where people serious in bodybuilding supplements can turn are anabolic steroids. Which anabolic steroids should you choose? Fantastic question. It is not uncommon to select between several depending on your goals in relating to gaining strength, bulking, or cutting. With that in mind, below is a profile of the drug Trenbolone. As well as getting into the advantages of this drug, we will cover the history of how this drug has been used, effects of the drug on your body, and some side effects that you should be aware of prior to beginning.

The Advantages of Trenbolone Over Other Steroids

Trenbolone is considered an androgenic compound with strong and effective properties. A derivative of the anabolic steroid nandrolone, Trenbolone distinguishes itself in many beneficial ways. Primarily, it manages to keep the best aspects of nandrolone while dumping the less than optimal side effects associated with the drug. So, you will get the fantastic fat burning ability of nandrolone without getting the same estrogenic properties that can cause less than optimal side effects on your body. Because Trenbolone cannot be converted to estrogen (thanks to a double bond located on the c9-10 carbon,) it is considered significantly safer to use for getting the incredible gains of muscle mass you are looking for.


How does Trenbolone go about improving muscle mass? First, it will increase the IGF-1 level also known as the insulin like growth factor that is located within your muscle tissue. Along with improving the growth factor within muscles, it also improves the growth factor of things like satellite muscle cells necessary for repairing the damage that comes with a workout. Another way that Trenbolone helps add to your strength is by being strongly attracted to the androgen receptors in your body. You may be surprised to learn that Trenbolone is in fact pulled towards androgen receptors stronger than testosterone.

Parabolan Pharmacom Labs 100mg/ml
Parabolan Pharmacom Labs 100mg/ml

Why is the pull of androgen receptors important? Well, it is used as a measuring point for the potency of different anabolic steroids. The scale is out of several hundred, with testosterone produced by the body at 100. Trenbolone scores a whopping 500 on this scale, far greater than other anabolic steroids. What this means is that Trenbolone is 5x more powerful than testosterone in providing the effects you are looking for. In addition, it helps you do some basic math. For example, if you want a level of testosterone requiring 500 mg/day of regular testosterone, you could substitute that with only 100 mg/day of Trenbolone.

While having a number of effects unique to Trenbolone alone, there are also the full range of positive effects Trenbolone gets by being an anabolic steroid. In particular, this includes the nitrogen retention that anabolic steroids are famous for. Improving muscle mass and strength, the ant-catabolic properties help to reduce breakdown and continue healthy growth that requires less remedial action on your part. In the end, it is hard to go wrong with an anabolic steroid that has proven itself countless different ways. So, how did Trenbolone come into being? The answer might surprise you.

The History Of Trenbolone

Like steroids, Trenbolone’s history is shrouded in mystery and general misunderstanding that hasn’t gotten much better over time. Trenbolone was first sold to the public under the name of Finaject. Expanding in the 1980’s, it also had the names of Finapl, Fnajet, Agri-vet, and Trenbol75. At one time, it was given to cattle to help increase their lean mass as well as their BMI. They were known as Finaplix and were put into the ears of the cows. They were capable of keeping the cattle’s weight, even during the stress pre-slaughter. While an injectable method of the drug was created in the early 90’s, it was often not safely done and carried a great deal of risk with it.

Especially earlier on, it was not uncommon to combine Trenbolone with another anabolic steroid known as Winstrol. The combined effects of the two anabolic steroids were said to be quite powerful. However, since the early 90’s, production of the Finaject and Finaplix were discontinued, meaning that anything you find with this name online is either a dud or counterfeit in some way. Do yourself a favor and don’t trust it.

While Trenbolone has shown a great deal of potential, it did not escape the FDA crackdown on testosterone supplements and androgen steroids that that sweeping the nation in the early 90’s. As a result, Trenbolone is considered a schedule III drug and you cannot legally own it without breaking federal law. That being said, there are still many underground labs that produce it as well as derivatives of it for consumption. As a result, it is among the most popular black market anabolic steroids around. As always, be aware that anything you take can have adverse side effects and you should consult your doctor before doing any of these anabolic steroids.

The Effects of Trenbolone

Despite a prohibition on the drug, Trenbolone continues to be popular in the bodybuilding industry. As we briefly reviewed at the beginning, it owes its continued use to the incredible range of benefits and advantages it provides. These benefits include…

  • Provides a substantial growth in your muscle tissue. This growth is greater than what is typically seen with other testosterone supplements
  • Will increase the density of your muscles at a rate that is either at or faster than the competitive products, giving you an incredible advantage during workouts
  • Will improve the hardness of your muscles as well as dryness, ensuring that they look and feel fantastic
  • Great for increasing the vascularity of your body, ensuring better blood flow and better efficiency
    A good way to improve your strength as demonstrated by countless athletes and weightlifters as well as its use in the meat industry. Simply put, Trenbolone helps to put on the muscle!
  • It will also raise your assertiveness and aggressiveness as well, a common side effect/ benefit that has been among the most recognizable aspects of Trenbolone thanks to being blown out of the water in popular media
  • It will clear from your blood stream pretty quickly, allowing you to take it and then forget it
  • Does not increase levels of estrogen in the body. This makes it far better than the competition, reducing the chance of one of the most damaging and annoying side effects of anabolic steroid use
  • The side effects of Trenbolone are relatively minor and can typically be recovered from in short order.
Trenadex Ace Sciroxx 100mg/ml
Trenadex Ace Sciroxx 100mg/ml

As you can see, the effect of Trenbolone are pretty amazing. Because of this, Trenbolone has managed to persist in its production even against regulations. Whether it is produced out of the country or done in underground labs, the biggest issue you will have is finding a provider that is trustworthy and dependable at providing a quality product. A lot of the effects of Trenbolone come from having the active ingredient in high enough dosages per pill. While the vast majority of drugs will have a filler agent (and this is not at all abnormal), you will want to look for Trenbolone that keeps to the amount on the label. Doing so will provide you the very best results.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

1. Estrogen Related Side Effects

As reported above, Trenbolone does not exhibit conversion into estrogen. A common enough side effect for testosterone derivatives, the process of estrogen to testosterone conversion does not happen with Trenbolone thanks to its molecular design. If you are experiencing estrogen related side effects, then it will have to be coming from one of the other anabolic steroids you are taking in conjunction with Trenbolone.

2. Common Minor Side Effects

Trenbolone has all the common minor side effects associated with anabolic steroids. These include things like acne. For as long as you are taking Trenbolone, you may have to deal with increased acne. Paired with acne is having oily skin. In addition, beware prostate enlargement. While there are not many links between the enlargement effects of prostate and things like prostate cancer, you may want to not take Trenbolone if you have an increased risk of prostate cancer in your family or have already been diagnosed with it. Another minor side effect that people have reported is hair loss. Those that are predisposed towards baldness, and worried that they may lose their hair, should consider avoiding Trenbolone as it may speed up this process.

3. Not Recommended for Women

Sorry ladies, but Trenbolone is not recommended for you to use. Trenbolone is known for having virilization effects. It will lead to many things that happen with masculinization, including a deepening of the voice and hair growth. Hair growth can occur both on the body as well as on the face. Clitoral enlargement can also occur. It will also bind itself to progesterone receptors in the body, leading to the body increasing its prolactin levels. Lactation and breast growth can occur as a result at smaller amounts than the other side effects listed above. If you are serious about using Trenbolone and you want to reduce some of the side effects, then things like bromocriptine and Vitamin B6 can be used.

4. Thyroid Issues

Using any anabolic steroid means messing with your base level hormone levels and the production of those hormones in the thyroid. Possible thyroid issues can develop if you abuse Trenbolone. In addition, it can increase prolactin levels in the body.

5. Progestin

A progestin is something that will affect the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. Trenbolone acts in this way, supplanting the body’s natural production while it is in your system. Stopping Trenbolone means having a recovery time before your testosterone returns to normal. Typical issues that can result in the meantime include things like a lack of libido, sexual dysfunction, and emotional/mental effects on your wellbeing. Testicular atrophy can also occur if you take Trenbolone.

roid-rage-trenbolone6. Psychological Effects & ‘Roid Rage’

There are a number of short-term psychological changes that may occur when taking Trenbolone. Listed above as potential benefits, some people see the added aggression and assertiveness as a disadvantage, especially if it leads to more altercations. Along with being increasingly aggressive, some people may experience anxiety or anger as well. The psychological effects can continue as well if you suddenly stop taking it. For example, it may be possible to experience low sex drive, depression, and more.

7. Kidney & Liver Functionality May Be Impeded

When taking large doses of Trenbolone, you risk damage to your liver and kidney. There are a number of warning signs that can show up if your kidney and livers are damaged. For example, some people may have dark urine. Extended Trenbolone use should include some monitoring of kidney and liver enzymes through tests to ensure that they are healthy.

8. Excessive Sweating

A minor annoyance, it is possible for Trenbolone to cause excessive sweating. When paired with oily skin and acne, using some kind of skin care regime will help to keep these side effects to a minimum.

9. Nervous System Stimulation

Similar to the psychological side effects listed above, it is possible for Trenbolone to cause nervous system stimulation that keeps you up at night. Things like trembling, not feeling tired, and feeling restless are all things that may happen. If this is the case, then you will want to consider some kind of sleep aid to get to sleep at night.

10. Tren Cough

The Tren Cough is a specific kind of cough that can result from Trenbolone usage. This will usually happen if the capillary or vein is punctured when passing the needle through the skin. Be aware that other complications not related to Trenbolone specifically can occur if you end up using injection methods for Trenbolone.

Administration & Uses of Trenbolone

Trenbolone Acetate and Trenbolone Enanthate were never sanctioned for therapeutic and medical uses by any country or pharmaceutical company. Therefore, these do not exist. The only form of Trenbolone that was experimented with by billion dollar pharma companies was Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate). Some countries may offer human grade Trenbolone and Parabolan for sale, but this is usually a underground lab (UGL) quality injectable compound.


Finaplix pellets have often been converted into injectable products used by humans. Even though Finaplix was created for the weight gain of livestock, mostly cattle. Finaplix pellets are not controlled in the United States, but manufacturing the parent hormone – Trenbolone – into a human useable injectable preparation is illegal.

Trenbolone Acetate is perhaps the most popular Tren entered androgens available. Doses for beginners start at 50mg every day or every other day. Whilst advanced users can use as much as 100-300mg per day. However, with large anabolic doses, steroid related side effects will be more apparent.

Trenbolone Enanthate is the longer entered injectable version and users report dosages starting at 200-300mg per week, split into two injections. Again, large doses are used by professional and advanced steroid users of up to 500-800mg per week.

Parabolan, which is active for slightly longer than Acetate, is injected 3-4 times per week at doses of 50-100mg.

Trenbolone Cycles & Stacks

Trenbolone Acetate is often combined with a short acting Testosterone entered androgen such as, Testosterone Propionate. Used for both bulking and cutting phases, your diet and training regimen will determine the users goals. Tren Ace is commonly used for 6-10 weeks due to its harsh side effects on lipids, liver toxicity, cardiac effects, insomnia and night sweats.

An example stack would be:

wk 1-8 Testosterone Propionate 100mg every other day (EOD)

wk 1-8 Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/EOD

wk 1-8 Exemestane 10mg every day (ED)

wk 1-8 HCG 500ius twice per week

Higher level competitions and steroid experienced athletes can increase the doses and add oral steroids such as, Dianabol for bulking and/or Winstrol when wanting to reduce body fat per cent.

Trenbolone Structural Information:

  • (17beta-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one)
  • (Trenbolone + Acetate Ester + Enanthate Ester)
  • Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 500/500
  • Formula: C20 H24 O3
  • Formula (base): C18 H22 O2
  • Formula (ester): C2 H4 O2
  • Effective Dose (Men):50-100mg every other day
  • Active life (Acetate): up to 3 days
  • Active life (Enanthate): up to 14 days
  • Active life (Parabolan): up to 4 days
  • Detection Time: 5-9 months in humans