Michael Chavis, Boston Red Sox prospect tests positive for oral steroids


One of the leading baseball prospects for the Boston Red Sox, Michael Chavez, has tested positive for the use of anabolic steroids.

The anabolic steroid that he is known to have used is Oral Turianbol, which was discovered as part of an off season anti-doping test. The anabolic steroid that he tested positive for is more commonly known as Turinabol, Which is popular amongst the bodybuilding and sporting community. The MLB, Major League Baseball office of the commissioner made an announcement that Michael Chavis would receive a suspension for a period of 80 games as punishment for a first time violation of the drug prevention program.

Michael Chavis released a statement saying that he has been looking for answers as to how the anabolic steroid got into his system, he made it clear that he had never even heard of the substance and that it’s a question that today that has not been answered. He continued by saying that this period of time for him is hopeless and that he’s facing the reality that he may never know how his urine sample tested positive for the illicit substance. The only thing that he does know is that he would never knowingly and has never knowingly taken any substances that are prohibited throughout his entire career and life.

Farther on, he stated that he is also frustrated because everything that he has managed to accomplish throughout his professional baseball career is now under question, regardless of the fact that he has never had a positive test result for any substance throughout the many urine tests that he has performed. This includes a handful of blood and urine tests from the season that has just finished. Chavez was selected by the Red Sox straight out of Sprayberry High School as part of their first round selections in the MLB 2014 draft. He was 26 in the overall selections and was listed as 190 pounds and 5 foot 10 in 2014. The last 4 years have seen him gain 26 lb and he remains at the same height.

After experiencing a fantastic year in 2017 with the MiLB Portland Sea Dogs, 22 year old Michael Chavis was highly regarded as one of the top prospects for the Boston Red Sox. This year he was due to make his debut in the Major League Baseball season. The Boston Red Sox give their full backing to the minor league and Major League Baseball drug prevention and treatment program, and released a statement saying that they are disappointed about the occurrence of this violation, however, they will fully support him throughout this difficult time. No further comments will be made on the matter from here on in, and Michael Chavis will be back to playing again by June 2018. For now, it looks like there is no way of knowing how Michael Chavis got the anabolic steroids into his system. There is always the possibility that he had been taking a how supplement that may have been contaminated with the substance, as this appears to be a common occurrence that happens to those who are in the sporting world.

For now, all that Chavis can do is wait out the next couple of months until he is eligible to once again begin playing. This will definitely be a wake up call for the young player and should serve as a deterrent to any other potential sporting stars who take any health supplements that could potentially be contaminated. The young player is rightfully upset about the positive test result for oral turinabol, and his future as part of the Red Sox team is yet to be seen.

Source: https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2018/04/06/red-sox-prospect-michael-chavis-suspended-games-for-positive-drug-test/ti0vAOLN7AHHulyUt2S0ZJ/story.html