A competitor in the UK’s strongest man assisted with the injecting of illegal steroids as part of drugs op

A UK strongman competitor has been jailed after supplying anabolic steroids.

Wayne Smith, who was a bodybuilder who deals drugs and supplied ecstasy pills to a doorman, who went on to sell them to students at a university has been jailed for four and a half years. Smith was known to have illegally important performance enhancing drugs and steroids into the United Kingdom while ex bouncer, Ben Childs was found to be growing cannabis. Child’s, who was 28 years old abused his knowledge as a doorman at the University of Loughborough Student Union to sell ecstasy pills to students. Smith, who is 35 years old used his knowledge that he had gained during his employment at warehouse gym and within the bodybuilding world to import prescription drugs which he then illegally supplied to others.

He was a user of cocaine and MCAT while supplying ecstasy in cannabis to Street dealers, which is where he became acquainted with Child’s. Child’s purchased ecstasy from Wayne Smith and then sold it on to others, including his friends. Before long did you owe began producing cannabis too, where Child’s grew the drug and reported to Smith Via SMS. The two men were sentenced to jail time at Leicester Crown Court for offences relating to drug supply dating back more than two and a half years.

Smith was discovered to be illegally importing anabolic steroids into the United Kingdom during May and June after 3 partials from China were intercepted by border Force officers. A further partial from Hong Kong was discovered at the worldwide hub for parcel force located in Coventry. The packages were addressed to Smith, with two of them being sent to the warehouse gym and a further two to his partners home in Leicester. The four packages contained 330 vials of HGH, (human growth hormone) known as Somatropin come up which had a value of between £4900 and £5600.

Prosecutor, Ben Gow stated that this began the police investigation of Smith, whose residence in Lorainne Road was searched on the 22nd of August 2014. During the search, police officers found a selection of Class C Drugs, which included 22 steroid vials of Drostanolone (Masteron), Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin), Trenbolone, and Testosterone with a value of £1100. They also discovered more than 140 tablets of 3 types of prescription drugs, along with cocaine in the boot of his car which was for personal use.

When a search was performed at his partner’s home in Aylestone Road, more than £5000 was discovered in a safe. Police recovered data from Smith’s iPhone, which showed SMS messages exposing the dealing of drugs ranging from class a to c. They detailed how Smith had supplied and imported steroids to offers over a period of 4 years. Several messages contained advice on how to use the steroids and also showed that he provided services where he would perform the injection on the customer. Other messages showed that Smith was also involved in the supply of wholesale cannabis for a period of nearly one year. Incriminating photographs were also sent to Smith via mobile phone and showed a large number of cannabis plants being cultivated.

On the 13th of July 2015 police searched Smith’s home, where he was seen to throw an unmarked package over the fence into the garden of the neighbouring home. This package contains almost 29 grams of MCAT, along with 400 grams of cannabis, and almost £500 in cash. Inside the property, a further £1600 was also discovered in cash, which along with the drugs and the cash and Outdoors came to a total amount of more than £6000. When a raid was performed at Child’s address on the very same date, no drugs were found.

Smith placed a guilty plea for possessing and importing anabolic steroids over a period of four years between 2010 and 2014, along with the intention of supplying Class C controlled drugs. He also admitted to his part in the supply of marijuana between 2013 and 2015, along with supplying ecstasy during the same dates. During his trial, Smith was sentenced to four and a half years in prison, with child’s being sentenced to 2 years and 3 months in prison.

Source: https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/uks-strongest-man-competitor-helped-1297093