Dr Mark Bonar found guilty after prescribing EPO, HGH, and Testosterone to athletes


A managing director of a wellness clinic in London has been struck off after proscribing HGH, EPO and Testosterone to his clients.

The former managing director of ultra Wellness Clinic, which is an anti-ageing Center in Knightsbridge, Dr. Mark Bonar has been found to be guilty of misconduct by the MPTS (medical practitioners tribunal service). He was struck off the medical register after being found guilty of prescribing PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) for non-medical purposes to athletes. It was decided that both cumulatively and individually, his conduct amounts to a misconduct of the most serious level. He was set to be dishonest during consultations, prescribed medication for non-medical treatment, prescribed medication with the sole intention of helping an athlete improve their performance, giving advice to athletes about how to avoid being detected and contraindicated prescribing. He had allegedly prescribed performance-enhancing drugs such as human growth hormone, testosterone, EPO, and thyroxine to a whole host of professional and Elite athletes in boxing, cycling, football, tennis, martial arts, and various other sports.

His involvement with helping athletes obtain performance enhancing drugs was exposed after Dan Stevens, a professional British cyclist faced a ban for 24 months after refusing to provide a sample of his urine during anti-doping out of competition tests in January 2014. He went on to inform the UK anti-doping that he was one of several athletes who had been prescribed prohibited performance enhancing drugs by Dr. Bonar. He cooperated with the UKAD by providing information that was valuable to the CIRC (cycling independent Reform Commission) as a way to get his suspension reduced. These efforts were successful to a degree after the UKAD had decided to reduce his punishment by 3 years to 21 months. However, they went on to make it clear that the reduction of his suspension had absolutely nothing to do with deciding to release the information about Bonar.

Stevens also went to the National newspaper the Sunday Times to offer his story on Bonar’s doping involvement. The newspaper undertook an undercover operation which involved a German cyclist consulting with the doctor to see if it was possible to get any performance-enhancing drugs to help his athletic performance in October 2016. It was at this time that the doctor was recorded while he prescribed testosterone undecanoate, EPO, and human growth hormone to the cyclist. The newspaper then handed it over the evidence that it had gained to the GMC, which led to the downfall and disciplinary action against him. He had been noted for working with more than 150 athletes 4 the purpose of avoiding detection while providing performance enhancing drugs.

He never admitted to actually prescribing performance-enhancing drugs to any athletes for the purpose of performance-enhancing and insists he only prescribed the correct treatment for athletes who were suffering from genuine deficiencies of testosterone or other medical conditions. He also refused to cooperate with the investigation undertaken by the GMC. When the time came around for him to attend his disciplinary hearing coma he failed to attend and had notified MPTS that he was living abroad after leaving the country and was now residing at an unknown location. He is no longer working as a doctor and has no immediate plans to return to Britain in the near future. The MPTS stated that they could not be confident that he would not repeat the saying kind of Miss conduct in the future, and came to the conclusion that his ability to practice medicine is impaired due to his misconduct. It is known that Bonar informs the General Medical Council that he has no intention of engaging in remediation and does not intend on returning to practising medicine as a doctor.