Canadian UGL Sun Pharma Worked From Power House Fitness in Edmonton


Canadian UGL Sun Pharma has been busted.

A Canadian based UGL, which is short for underground Laboratory known as Sun Pharma, which manufactured and produce anabolic steroids was found to be working directly from a health food store in Edmonton called Power House Fitness. The owner of the store, 44 year-old Sarbjit Kahlon, who was also commonly referred to by his nickname of Sunny was placed under arrest after police performed a raid on the health food store and discovered there to be extremely large quantities of ancillary drugs, oral steroids and injectable steroids on the premises on the 16th of May, 2018.

Police Service spokesperson Scott Patterson commented that by using a variety of tactics implemented by the police force, it automatically led to the execution of a warrant to search the premises yesterday. This execution of the warrant led to the discovery of a large quantity of steroids being discovered at the premises, which clearly indicates a large scale operation being undertaken at the health food outlet.

An investigation was initiated in the latter part of the winter of 2017 by the EPS Southwest Division special project team. The decision to launch an investigation occurred after there had been several reports of illegal steroid trafficking out of the health food store being received by law enforcement agencies. The culmination of the investigation took place with a court-approved search warrant being executed last week. The search warrant allowed investigating officers to search Power House Fitness, which resulted with Kahlon being arrested on various different counts relating to his criminal activity. He was charged with two counts of possessing a controlled substance, two counts of distributing and trafficking controlled substances, and nine counts for possessing with the intention of trafficking controlled substances.

The seizure performed by the police contained a multitude of ancillary drugs and anabolic steroids which had an approximate street value of more than 100,000 Canadian dollars. The number of anabolic steroids discovered while substantial and clearly indicated that the drugs were not for personal use. The use of the sun Pharma branding further added fuel to the flames due to the fact that there is a legitimate pharmaceutical company that uses the same name which is based in India.

The large seizure included the following controlled substances: 1,000 testosterone pills and 7.8 litres of injectable testosterone. 152 Trenbolone vials, almost 5,500 Winstrol pills and 18 vials of stanozolol 41 vials of nandrolone, 2900 oxymetholone pills, 1,763 methandienone pills, 3300 oxandrolone pills, 24 vials of drostanolone, and 50 vials of boldenone. Along with the above-mentioned substances that were seized, 20 hemp oil vials, 210 hemp oil pills, 90 hash pills were also discovered. Unfortunately for Kahlon, it was not the first time that he had been busted for selling controlled substances period back in December of 2006, he was busted after a delivery of 978 grams of Indian opium was imported into the country.

It is important that the Canadian underground Laboratory is not confused with the genuine multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical company known as Sun pharmaceutical Industries limited, which has its headquarters based in India. The genuine Indian based multinational pharmaceutical company produces and manufactures various anabolic steroids, which include testosterone. The majority of its products are marketed and sold in Canada and North America.

It is thought that Kahlon may have innocently use the Sun Pharma branding for his counterfeit products due to the fact that his nickname is sunny. The outcome of the legal proceedings is still unknown and more information will be released an update it as and when it becomes available.