Alex Rodriguez openly admits to screwing up by using steroids during MLB career

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) has said that he regrets using anabolic steroids, HGH and performance enhancing drugs.

Once hailed as one of the greatest baseball players to ever step foot on a diamond, Alex Rodriguez saw his entire career be transformed immediately after popping positive for performance-enhancing drugs twice – both times while he was playing for the Yankees, though he said that he had used steroids while playing for the Rangers originally and that all of his Yankee career was played 100% naturally.

Retired from the game now for a number of years, Rodriguez has mellowed tremendously. In the past, he was evasive, combative, and arrogant when questioned about performance-enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids in baseball, and seemed to fight back against any attack – real or perceived.

Today, however, Rodriguez takes a completely different approach that shows significant signs of growth and maturity most people thought impossible from this baseball superstar.

Calling himself “stupid” and admitting that he “acted like an idiot” when he was playing, Rodriguez is open, honest, and upfront about using anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to gain an edge over the rest of the competition.

Now an announcer and analyst for numerous MLB games, and working directly for the MLB Network and Fox when playoff season rolls around, Rodriguez is free to talk about the experiences he went through, why he chose to use performance-enhancing drugs, and why he would recommend to every athlete around the world to stop trying to cut corners with these dangerous substances.

Addressing the scandal at a talk in New York City, Rodriguez seemed very much at ease with himself, especially when talking about something as charged as his two performance-enhancing drug suspensions.

More popular now than he ever was as a player after the performance-enhancing drug scandals rocked his career, the public seems ready to forgive Rodriguez for his sins and now welcomes him with open arms.

He discussed how he entered the game as a 19-year-old prospect, setting the world on fire for the Seattle Mariners and drawing comparisons to some of the best the game had ever seen even at such a ridiculously young age.

He then talked about how his competitive fire and spirit pushed him beyond the boundaries of the game, convinced him to take advantage of performance-enhancing drugs (even when most would agree he probably didn’t need them to excel at a high level), and then discussed how stupid and foolish it was of him to have tried steroids in the first place – and how much stupider it was to try and cover things up after he was busted.

Admitting that he doubled down after he got caught, he discussed how it took him a long time to actually face himself in the mirror and recognize that all of the blame for the hate and vitriol he was receiving was because of decisions he himself had made. He recognizes now that he’s the only one to blame for the situation he found himself in, and also understood how important it was to apologize to fans and supporters that he had obviously let down.

Today, Rodriguez enjoys a completely reinvented personality and popularity – and a lot of it comes from how humble he is now about his past. New York Yankee fans have opened up to Rodriguez in a way they never did when he was playing, and rival fans – including Boston Red Sox fans – now count him as one of the true superstars of the game and an analyst that will enjoy a legendary career if he continues doing the kind of work he already has behind the camera and the microphone.