Mission Labs Canadian UGL Has Been Busted for Steroid Production


Mission Labs, a well known Canadian UGL has been busted.

On the sixth of March, 2017, the RCMP and OPP (Ontario Provincial Police), along with the Canadian Border Services Agency and the Owen Sound Police Department, busted a Canadian lab called Mission Labs for steroid production.

Two residents of Saible Beach were charged with trafficking and producing anabolic steroids. These two people had utilized their private home and place of business in order to produce and traffic steroids within Owen Sound, Ont.

This is a town which is small in size and which is situated along the border with Michigan. After two months of investigation, law enforcement and other agencies moved forward and utilized search warrants in order to uncover large quantities of steroids, as well as guns and a range of illegal substances (pharmaceuticals) including testosterone variants. The lab was quite sophisticated and it was clearly created in order to make steroids.

The two people who were arrested are Sarah Posthumus and Michael Kidd. They face an assortment of serious criminal charges, including import and trafficking of controlled substances, meth possession, possession of illegal guns, conspiracy to commit an offense which is indictable and recognizance breach.

On the third of March, 2017, they went to court to hear the charges and it won’t be the last time that they are in the courtroom over this matter.

The RCMP Takes These Crimes Seriously

An inspector at the RCMP, who is named Kevin Nicholson and works at the detachment of serious and organized crime in Toronto West, noted that a key supply chain (Mission Labs) for steroids was busted. In his view, the two persons who were charged have put the health and safety of others at risk and he and the RCMP are devoted to enforcing laws against those who do these types of crimes.

Mission Labs definitely didn’t keep a low profile before the bust. In fact, the company had a very strong presence online offering a wide range of steroids for sale. The lab was featured on tons of websites which focus on steroids and advertised openly on open source forums and websites. In fact, Mission Labs and its steroids were often subjects of discussions via Reddit.

Forum members at Reddit have stated that they are still able to process orders for these banned substances. Their payments are being taken as usual. However, they cannot get in touch with the Mission Labs company since the bust, so they’ve likely lost their money. All people are being advised to stay away from this company.

The persons who were arrested will likely get into a lot of trouble and may face time in prison. Since the RCMP feels that steroid production and trafficking put lives and general safety at risk, they are committed to breaking supply chains and penalizing steroid producers and traffickers to the full extent of the law. While the charges must be proven in a court of law, quite a bit of evidence was seized. The presence of illegal guns and meth make it even worse. It’s doubtful that Mission Labs will ever again be a business concern in the Owen Sound area.

Is There a War on Steroids?

Those who use steroids or are involved with steroid production tend to feel that they are targeted by the police. They feel that they are under a microscope. It’s possible that this company was far too open online about what they sold, or that their customers weren’t sufficiently discreet. This may have led to the coordinated investigation between a variety of law enforcement authorities. It’s safe to say that lack of discretion is going to alert authorities to legal wrongdoing as it pertains to steroids. Obviously, this company wasn’t under the radar in any way and that’s why it was busted.

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