Russians Claim To Have Evidence That Icarus Whistleblower Lied About Russian Government-Sponsored Doping


Russians Claim To Have Evidence That Icarus Whistleblower Lied About Russian Government-Sponsored Doping.

According to a report soon to be released by the Russian Investigative Committee, this independent organization has compelling objective evidence that conclusively proves Gregory Rodchenkov lied about the Russian state sponsored doping program that lit the global sports community on fire immediately following the 2014 Olympics and previous to the 2018 Olympics.

Given the codename “Icarus”, Rodchenkov defected to the United States and became one of sports most infamous whistleblower – coming forward with salacious allegations against the Russian government as well as the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

A prominent member of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency himself, Rodchenkov came forward with information about state-sponsored doping programs that tainted the accolades of allRussian athletes competing at the national level.

The story hit almost immediately after the 2014 Winter Olympic Games were held and it had far-reaching impacts on not only the Russian’s ability to compete at the national level and the global level but has also severely tainted the achievements of the Russian Olympians that competed in the 2014 games.

Spokespeople for the Russian Investigative Committee are now coming forward with new information, new documents, and new testimony proving that Rodchenkov lied about any state-sponsored doping going on as far as the Russians were concerned.

Rodchenkov originally claimed that the urine samples of all Russian athletes were switched out with clean samples from other donors previous to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. This allowed all Russian athletes to compete without any “blips on the radar” as far as positive drug tests were concerned.

Rodchenkov went on to testify that samples of Russian athlete’s urine was stored overnight before it was analyzed by the W ADA accredited laboratories in Moscow. After they had been initially analyzed – but not before they had been tested for performance-enhancing drugs – the samples were exchanged with “clean samples that had absolutely zero traces of PED’s whatsoever.

On top of that, Rodchenkov also provide what at the time seemed like very compelling and extensive evidence about how Russian athletes were getting away with doping for years and years – all with the help of both the Russian government and the Russian Anti-Doping Agency.

Rodchenkov said that there had been a long-term understanding between the government and the anti-doping community to work together to make sure that Russia never had to worry about their top athletes competing, even though they had been taking advantage of performance-enhancing drugs to gain competitive advantages over the rest of the field.

Initially, and understandably so, the international community was shocked and appalled at the kinds of allegations put forth by Rodchenkov in regards to Russia and what seemed like a major conspiracy to defraud the Olympic Games and all other national level competitions.

This is especially true when Rodchenkov came forward and described what he called a Russian invention, and undetectable anabolic steroid combination that the Russians called “The Duchess Cocktail” – a combination of anabolic steroids that we now know is scientifically unable to produce the undetectable results in the human body that Rodchenkov described initially.

The tall tales told by Rodchenkov are now starting to fall apart at the seams, however – in the process is being accelerated thanks to the new Russian Investigative Committee report. Compelling evidence, including document trails, to first-person testimony, and a whole host of other tangible evidence is coming forward to show Rodchenkov as nothing more than a con man and a deceiver.

It appears as though the WADA jumped the gun when it came to this borrowing Russia from being able to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. It’s unlikely that the major hit to the reputation of Russian athletes is going to be repaired anytime soon, but hopefully as more people become aware of this new report and the evidence against Rodchenkov the healing can be accelerated, too.