Probation for role in the Onyx Pharma steroid scandal


Woman gets probation after her part in the distribution of Onyx Pharmaceuticals anabolic steroids in the US.

Information coming out of the US District federal court system says that Elizabeth Green, sister to the fiancée of Mr. Tyler Baumann, is receiving probation after she participated in an illegal counterfeit steroid production and distribution organization on US soil.

Federal judge Allison Burroughs determined that Elizabeth Green was involved enough in the Onyx Pharmaceuticals counterfeit steroid distribution ring that she deserved some kind of punishment and penalty, though she agreed that Green probably didn’t have as large a role as any of the other “principles – which is a big reason why she was the last of all the defendants to have been charged by the federal prosecution team.

According to federal prosecutors, Green basically acted as a general employee of Onyx Pharmaceuticals. The entire operation was nothing more than a front to produce and distribute counterfeit anabolic steroids from raw steroid powders that had been sourced from international organizations and operations.

Prosecutors were initially skeptical of the stories told by Green, relating the fact that she was nothing more than an employee of the operation and had next to no idea that she was part of an illicit drug distribution network.

The prosecutors were correct in your assumption that Green must have known that what she was doing was less than legal and at the very least unethical, especially since it was later discovered that Green was going and picking up money from customers of Onyx Pharmaceuticals while using fake names and illegal identification.

Green later admitted to this charade, owned up to the fact that she assumed that what she did at Onyx Pharmaceutical was likely illegal, but continued to contend that she only ever did what she was instructed to do by both her sister (Kathryn Green) and her sister’s fiancé – the leader of the illegal steroid distribution network, Mr. Tyler Baumann.

After a lengthy investigation spearheaded by the DEA, prosecutors and investigators concluded that Green was telling the truth. She was an employee of the operation, she was instructed to go and pick up money and payments from customers (using a fake name and fake identification), and wasn’t ever involved in the actual trafficking of the illicit steroids themselves nor the production of those same substances.

As we made mention of above, Green ended up being charged with the lowest level crime possible and eventually came to terms with a plea arrangement that guaranteed she wouldn’t spend any time behind bars for her part in this distribution of anabolic steroids.

At the end of the day, her criminal record will reflect that she was charged and pled guilty to a single count of “conspiracy to sell and distribute controlled anabolic steroid substances”. She received the lowest level conspiracy charge of the entire bunch, and all of the other active parties in the Onyx Pharmaceuticals scandal are going to be spending time behind bars – including her sister Kathryn and her sister’s fiancé.

All told, Elizabeth Green is only going to have to deal with probation time for the part that she played at Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Everyone else involved will have spent at least a year in federal prison, including other low-level employees of this operation. The saving grace here is that Green never directly trafficked these substances and never transported these substances, allowing her to walk away from the entire scandal relatively clean.

Federal prosecutors, in their court document statements, were clear that Green had the lowest level of culpability compared to all of her other co-conspirators and that played a major role in the sentencing decision handed down by the US District Court and Judge Burroughs.