Canadian Couple Plead Guilty For Producing And Distributing Anabolic Steroids

News out of the Greater Victoria community in British Columbia is that a young couple have recently pled guilty to both owning and operating a clandestine underground drug production laboratory – but more than that they also operated the distribution network to move this merchandise all over Canada as well.

Christopher Hyland and his girlfriend Megan Breanna Blake were told by the justice presiding over their case that their conduct was both outrageous and dangerous, and that the two of them were responsible for pushing incredibly dangerous drugs and chemicals onto the citizens of Canada – with little to no remorse.

Not only that, he also made sure to mention the fact that they had attempted to defraud their clients by coming up with some kind of fictitious business name and professional labeling that gave these underground steroids and drugs a “sense of legitimacy” when nothing could have been further from the truth.

Significant amount of the customers that purchased these chemicals from these two individuals could have done so having absolutely no idea whatsoever that the pharmaceutical company the labels of these illegal drugs was 100% fake and phony. They would have purchased these products under the impression that they were legitimate solutions that could help them achieve the results that they were looking for – the results promised by these two underground drug paddlers – never realizing that they were putting their health and wellness in significant jeopardy.

Federal prosecutors were also pretty damning when it came to describing the way that these two young adult individuals operated as well as their lack of overall contrition after they were busted.

A number of Canadian organizations, including the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA), worked together shortly after border agents intercepted packages that had been addressed to the couple originating from Hong Kong. These packages were found to have contained anabolic steroids as well as bootleg versions of Viagra, Cialis, and other prescription medications. On top of that, there was a considerable amount of ingredients available to produce date rape drugs known as GHB in these boxes.

An almost year-long investigation unfolded where boxes intercepted by the border service tagged and then tracked to these two individuals and both of them were put under surveillance. On March 10 of 2016 officers rated the premise that these two operated the underground laboratory out of, finding drug production materials as well as labels prepared to be slapped on products they had manufactured.

A second warrant was served on May 26, when more chemicals, more samples, and more finished drugs were seized. A third, covert search of the underground laboratory was made on June 28 where officers discovered that the laboratory had been disassembled completely and removed.

The next day both individuals were arrested while removing two 25 liter jerry cans filled with illegal drugs they had produced and manufactured, drugs that they later admitted that they were looking to dispose of and destroy for fear that they were close to getting caught.

Both have pled guilty and will undergo sentencing soon. Hyland is anticipated to spend 30 months behind bars while Blake will serve an 18 month conditional jail sentence and will have to worry about 100 hours of community service and a $10,000 fine.