Australian Prison Guard Busted for Selling Steroids to Criminals

The prison guards hired to look after criminals that have been incarcerated are supposed to be fine, upstanding, and moral individuals that represent the law and the justice system – not the same kind of drug peddlers and smugglers that are found on the other side of the bars.

While the overwhelming majority of prison guards are professionals and law-abiding citizens above all else, two different prison guards in Australia have been busted red-handed for distributing illegal anabolic steroids throughout the prison that they were working at.

Billie Raven John Siolo and his fellow prison guard Daniel Arrigada both for longtime members of the prison guards staff at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Center in Wacol, Australia. Both of them had clean records, exemplary marks during training, and were found to be professional and polite – but it turns out both of them (as well as a third, as of yet unidentified co-conspirator) were using their positions at the prison to smuggle in and sell illegal anabolic steroids to the prisoners they were responsible for watching over.

In early 2018 administrators at the prison received anonymous information that both Siolo and Arriagada were distributing illegal anabolic steroids throughout the prison, amongst a handful of other abuses of authority. An internal investigation was conducted almost immediately, and it didn’t take long for prison officials to discover that there was a lot of merit to these anonymous tips.

By the time December rolled around, both men had been charged with crimes related to the illegal possession and distribution of these steroids as well as the possession of restricted weapons.

The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission did the majority of the heavy lifting when it came to these investigations, though they worked closely with authorities and officials at the present itself. It’s unclear as to whether or not Arriagada recognize that he was under investigation early, as he decided to (with no forewarning whatsoever) resign from his physician at the prison and left town in the middle of 2018 – shortly after the investigation began.

Both Siolo and Arriagada were part-time personal trainers and physical fitness enthusiasts with ambitions of becoming amateur bodybuilding champions as well both of them had been employed by the World Gym located in Ipswich, and after leaving his position at the prison as this was the sole employer of Arriagada.

By all accounts, both of these individuals were fantastic personal trainers that had a unique ability to get the very most out of their clients. The World Gym celebrated the higher of Arriagada in particular, posting to their social media that they were very excited to be able to bring someone of this caliber on board for the members of their fitness facilities.

While the investigation into Siolo and Arriagada has concluded they have yet to see their day in court. Both of them continue to post on social media, showcasing a close friendship in addition to being colleagues, with a lot of videos and photos highlighting how often they worked out with one another as well as how often they hung out and partied while off duty.

The trial for these individuals is scheduled for the middle of 2019. Both of these individuals stand a chance at having to serve prison time should they be found guilty, and uncomfortable situation that no professional prison guard would ever want to have to face. The idea of being behind bars with the very same people that were once on the other side of them is pretty uncomfortable, and should they be found guilty the sentencing handed down will be worthy of paying close attention to.