Sheffield fitness centre owner gets jail time for involvement in steroid conspiracy


A 30-year-old man in Sheffield has been sentenced to 40 months of prison time this past Friday after appearing in court, found guilty by a jury of his peers of not only producing illegal and illicit drugs but also conspiring to supply and distribute these illegal and illicit drugs as well.

The defendant, Christopher Kirkby, was charged with using his fitness center as a platform to pedal anabolic steroids and other controlled substances. Originally a personal trainer at the fitness facility before purchasing it and turning it into his own operation, an investigation into the potential of a steroid conspiracy rain existing in Sheffield began on May 1, 2013 and ended on December 2, 2016 – and now the case has truly concluded with Kirkby headed behind bars.

Detectives responsible for moving the investigation through the past five years have gone on record numerous times as stating that it was one of the most complex and protracted investigations they had ever been involved in. Several search warrants were executed concurrently across numerous different locations in Sheffield and the surrounding community, and after the exhaustive work that detectives, investigators, and the prosecution put in to this case three people responsible for this criminal conspiracy now sit behind bars.

According to court documents released to the general public, as well as public statements by the detectives and investigators responsible for sending Kirkby and his co-conspirators to jail, this criminal enterprise was worth millions and millions of pounds, with anabolic steroids not only sold locally to visitors of the fitness center, but also to customers throughout the rest of the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Prosecutors were able to conclusively prove that Kirkby and his co-conspirators were working to import raw materials necessary for anabolic steroid production into the United Kingdom from Hong Kong and mainland China, and had been doing so for a number of years.

These packages were regularly labeled as “food products” and “food related equipment”, and after being tipped off packages were intercepted by the Postal Service and shipping agencies, tagged and inspected, and then delivered to Kirkby and his co-conspirators while being tracked every single step of the way.

Originally starting out by offering his fitness center clients anabolic steroids “under the table”, it didn’t take Kirkby long to start branching out significantly. A professional looking website was established on UK servers, giving the impression that these illegal and illicit steroids were 100% legal and 100% legitimate – and that they were being produced in a sterile, state sanctioned laboratory.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

During the course of the investigation, the underground illegal laboratory was discovered and it was anything but state sanctioned or sterile. These anabolic steroids and other controlled substances were being produced in a dirty, dingy, and run down building at the residence of Kirkby. Not only were these drugs illegally produced and sold in the United Kingdom, but they were produced in a very dangerous manner that inevitably posed significant risks to anyone and everyone that took advantage of them.

Kirkby was one of just 10 different men and five different women do stand trial during this anabolic steroid conspiracy ring case. Numerous codefendants and co-conspirators were located throughout England and Wales, with two other defendants already pleading guilty to the charges that had been levied against them.

12 different cases are still pending as of right now, with the anticipation that a number of these defendants will plead guilty or plead no contest to the charges that they have been slapped with.